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Digiool Classes?

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One teacher teaches concepts

The expert teacher explains and teaches topics in-depth ensuring conceptual clarity

Other teacher pays personal attention

The second teacher facilitates a class of 20 and pays attention to individual student’s needs making the sessions interactive and engaging


The expert teacher teaches concepts using strong visuals and storytelling


Advantage of Ambassador Batch

  •   For 75 Students Only between Class VI to Class X.

  •   24X7 Counsellor Availability

  •   Personalized Mentorship

  •   Video Based Learning Content Materials with live doubt session classes

  •   Regular Practice Tests

  •   Performance (Data) Driven Tutoring

  •   Highly Qualified Teachers

  •   Ranchi's Top Faculty Members

  •   1:15 Teacher Student Ratio

  •   PTM for Better Understanding of Kids' Growth (Every Month

  •   Parents/Students’ Counselling

  •   State of the Art Curriculum Designed by Brilliant Minds of the Industry

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Advance Teaching

LIVE Teaching is a very important component of personalized education

With Digiool's 7+ Years of experience in teaching and mentoring more than 1,000 student. Especially in the K12 segment, a child lacks motivation and has to be mentored apart from teaching.

Time and Energy saving, Secured solution

Increasingly, security of children while commuting is at risk. Parents are not comfortable if young students need to travel long hours and distances for a professional coaching class, wasting both time and energy, that too, at health and security risks.

Digiool offers a solution to this modern malady.

Now every student can get world class coaching support for both academic and professional courses. He or she can completely bypass this wasteful travel time and energy, and focus only on studies with the comforts of home.

Student's learning journey with Digiool Classes